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Interaction Systems are also involved in various technical aspects of Digital Music Studios and the Live Music scene.

We are currently promoting a long-overdue accessory for electric performers - a jack plug for your guitar lead which mutes your amplifier when withdrawn from your guitar.

When you unplug your guitar using a standard lead, your amplifier responds with an ugly bang, which not only detracts from your performance, but is also capable of damaging your loudspeaker. Normally to avoid this you have to unplug from your amplifier first - which can mean crossing the stage when you want to change guitar.

This precision-engineered jack plug incorporates a spring-loaded collar at the base of the earth sleeve: on withdrawing from your guitar it grounds the signal to earth, silencing your amplifier and killing unpleasant noise.

Prices: £3.50 each, 2 for £3.00 each, 10 or more £2.50 each
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